Paco’s Got Balls #66 w/ Bryce Chevalier - “TLC Tugger”

Stefan is in California pimpin a Masarati, Tommy Sinbazo sits in for him. Wendi is running a comedy show Erik Woodworth fills in for her. Bryce Chevalier gets schooled on foreskin restoration and the process Eric is going through. We have a phone call with Ron Low the owner and founder of We also called Stefan at Disneyland and got updates first hand on his time on the west coast. Hotseat with Bryce went swimgingly as well. New artwork added to the studio Krusty the Hobo from RAR Brewery by BJ Wheatley


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RON LOW TLC TUGGER: - foreskin restoration devices and accessories/apparel/literature. - free user forum for foreskin restoration and intactivism. - charity working to end circumcision. - reasons not to circumcise. - the award-winning "American Circumcision" documentary

Vice video about sex doll factory
Owner said the most popular dick on the male doll guessed it UNCUT! ;)
Sex doll Vice Video

VAGANKLE - See Image in photo Gallery

Bryce in the Hot Seat - Fuck, Marry, Kill Results
Eva Green - Casino Royal - FUCK
Marion Cotillard - Assassins Creed, A Good Year, The Dark Knight - MARRY
Audrey Tautou - The Da Vinci Code - KILL

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