Paco’s Got Balls #58 w/ Buddy Harris - “Donkey Sauce”

Sit down with blossoming Philly comic Buddy Harris to learn about his past days of ridding hogs, how we all miss the glory days of BlockBuster Video, Urban Dictionary and Balls missed opportunity to have the first definition for Donkey Sauce, but it has been submitted, stay tuned. The health benefits to dog piss, dont let those FBI scams when watching porn fool you, Practical jokes and finally Shia Labouf is back under Paco's skin.


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Urban Dictionary Submission (Please go vote 'thumbs up' for OUR definition which is the second one and vote 'thumbs down' for the first one!)

Donkeysauce for urban dictionary.
A combination of semen, top shelf vodka, and pineapple juice in a 4:1:1 ratio.

To be served over ice or at room temperature. Prevalent in Aztec culture. Common as an after dinner delicacy in many Persian countries. The drink of choice for international country music sensation "Rascal Flats".

After dinner Stefan said to Chris, "Dinner was delicious, shall we have a digestif....perhaps some donkeysauce?"
#donkey #dks #sauce #digestif #semen

Darwin Award this week goes to dog piss drinker:

Pop Culture Feature of the Week:
A prank I thought was pretty damn hilarious. Video presented by my buddy Chris Lewis
The teacher erasing the dry erase board and there was a cat drawn on it, but as she erased it, there was a dick drawn in permanent marker which was all that was left!   

Stefan’s main man Shia LaBeouf is in the news again recently....

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