Paco’s Got Balls #54 w/ Gabrielle Balassone - “Bush beats Johnson”

We get to have a sit down chat with Gabby Balassone for the second time, all because she kicked not only one Naked and Afraid challenge for 14 days, but she did the full 21 day challenge in the Mississippi Delta! We talk about how she did most of it alone because her parter tapped out on day 6. We talk about her diet, the weather, the mental challenge, the map, her bush, her partner's lack of a bush (and balls), the mosquitoes, spiders, gaters, big cats, and many many more fun and exciting things! #DiscoveryChannel #NakedAndAfraid


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Age: 28

Residence: Westminster, Maryland
Occupation: Bartender/Law School Student
Relationship Status: In a relationship

Top 3 Survival Skills:
1- Hunting
2- Shelter
3- Fire

Gabrielle is a 28-year-old mom to a toddler from a small farming community north of Westminster, Maryland. She recently completed law school at the University of Baltimore and sat for the Maryland State Bar Exam. She currently pays her bills by working as a bartender at a local microbrewery.

Gabrielle's survival training started at a young age with countless hours spent in the woods with her father, who was a Marine in the Vietnam War. Her father stressed skills like building shelters, sourcing water, starting fires, and hunting. These days, when she's not studying, she enjoys hiking and camping with her own little boy. Gabrielle has played rugby since childhood and today she coaches the local high school girls club team. Gabrielle's other hobbies include riding her motorcycle, restoring classic cars, and doing improvement projects. Gabrielle also has a passion for traveling. She took off a year before starting law school to work and live in Australia.

Despite the variety of survival skills that Gabrielle possesses, she believes that her optimistic attitude and common sense will be her biggest assets on Naked and Afraid. Gabrielle completed the 14 day fan challenge in the African wilderness in 2017!
IG: @gabrielle21789

Twitter: @GabrielleBalass


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