Paco’s Got Balls #43 with ummmm…. “Four Lonely People Watch Porn?”

Wendi gets off; BUTT PLUG; Back To The Future; Impressions; Pump your own gas. Big Timing Comedy; Nectar Sunglasses (code COMEDY)


- Listener Catt Mannon (Matt Cannon) and Balls Baby picture in photo slide show

- Creepy Sayings to Whisper into someones ear as you hug them MEME
     - Provide US with your creepy sayings; send to 

- ButtPlug Prank Call where caller only says the word 'ButtPlug' and ButtPlug is said 34 Times in 90 Seconds

- Oregon motorists pumping gas

- Girls watch porn college humor

- Paco & Balls to recreate the Manuel Ferrara photo, The Manuel Ferrara Dildo (See in Slide Show)

- I mean marriage is hard but damn.....

- Smelly Stars (call back to Shia Laboufe not showering for Fury movie with brad Pitt) irony here is Brad Pitt is on the smelly list and Shia isn’t!
Confirm Paco's Claim To Smelly Shia

Smelly Actors

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