Paco’s Got Balls #42 with… ummm….

Paco’s Got Balls #42 with… ummm….


Hotter than a fresh fucked goat in a pepper patch

1. Hotter than a billy goat with a blow torch.

2. It’s so hot I saw a squirrel putting suntan oil on his nuts.

3. Hotter than Satan’s house-cat.

4. Hotter than two hamsters farting in a wool sock.

5. Hotter than Satan’s toenails.

6. Hotter than a four-peckered billy goat.

7. It is hotter than a jalapeño’s armpit.

8. It’s hotter than hell’s pepper patch.

9. It’s hotter than Hell and half of Georgia.

10. It’s hotter than the Devil’s armpit.

Oregon motorists pumping gas

Girls watch porn college humor

I mean marriage is hard but damn.....

Smelly Stars (call back to Shia Loubouf not showering for Fury movie with brad Pitt) irony here is Brad Pitt is on the smelly list and Shia isn’t!
Confirm Stefan's story of Shia Loubouf's oder during the filming of Fury

Netflix Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee