Paco's Got Balls #38 w/ Bryan Preston - "Smeggs'N Eggs"

Paco's Got Balls #38 w/ Bryan Preston - "Smeggs'N Eggs"

Erik Woodworth sits in for Wendi; We miss Jen; we discuss foreskin AGAIN! AND man-buns? Erik's podcast is Quality Time; Use the code Comedy for a 25% discount on great shades at Nectar; Poco's Got Balls is a production of Big Timing Comedy!

Clip on man buns... what say you fellas?

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Giant penis in the sky

Morrissey said a No-No

Forbes 2017 highest paid actors
Make multiple choice quiz
Forbes 2017 highest paid actors
Earnings estimates are tracked from June 2016 to June 2017
Near misses
1. Who were near misses from the $13M cutoff?
A. Brad Pitt
B. Leonardo DiCaprio
C. Will Smith
D. All the Above

Of the Top 20 Who was Number 20 bringing in 13M?
A. Jeremy Renner
B. Mark Ruffalo
C. Ryan Gosling

Of the Top 20 who was in the top 5?
A. Jackie Chan
B. Robert Downy Jr
C. Tom Cruise

Who the Highest Paid actor of 2017?
A. Robert Downey Jr
B. The Rock
C. Adam Sandler
D. Mark Wahlburg

How much did the number one actor clear in 2017?
A. 52 M
B. 65 M
C. 68 M
D. 72 M

1.D 2.B 3.A 4.D 5.C

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