LUGNUTPOD S1E1 LUG - Pilot Episode (Rough Cut, Episodes get BETTER)

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Stefan & Eric want to welcome you back to the airwaves of podcasts! We were gone for a bit after we hung up the cleats for Paco's Got Balls podcast. We've made improvements & we hope you enjoy!

We are here to talk about completely UNextraordinary things both comedic and in our lives. We will update you behind the scenes at our comedy shows and get coaching from our producer Mickey Cucchiella.

Season 1 Episode 1: We recap on Stefan's wedding, his attendance to the World Series, our most recent comedy show and heckler (Nick DiPasquale) who got kicked out, eric ran a 9K, eric's wife lost her wedding rings......for the second time, and Statless Sports.

No studio video for this episode, but the other episodes to have video. Instead we've provided you with our teaser video. Enjoy this Mini Series! Kentico.Kontent.Delivery.InlineContentItem

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