Paco’s Got Balls #77 w/ Mark Riccadonna - “Wayne Newton”

The Midnight Idol is in the house tonight! Wayne Newton tears himself away from the silk sheets to chat with us about Arabian horses, the Golden Girls, his mob ties, and Chinese Finger cu..I And things heat up after dark, when Mr. Las Vegas gets drilled about his most secret sexual exploits! Spoilers: Things get dirty.


Ruth Buzzi, Wayne Newton Boulevard, Golden Girls, Chevy Chase, Dolly Parton, Casey Kasem, Coors Light, Danke Schoine, Fuck Marry Kill, Ingrid Bergman, Lauren Call, Beverly D’angelo, 2009 Oakland Airport, After Dark, Let it Snow, Baby batter..??


Check out some of Wayne's greatest hits! 

Flowers for Sairee

Wayne Newton Danke Schoen 1963 | Youtube

Wayne Newton - Let it Snow! Let it Snow! Let it Snow! | Youtube