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Everyone continues to love the antics and comical chemistry of the founders of Big Timing Comedy (Eric - Balls and Stefan - Paco) and comedianne/Radio Personality from Baltimore's 98 Rock, Wendi Townsend.  Check out this fun loving road trip of a podcast with Paco, Balls, Wendi, Producer Mike and any guest they can coax into the car ride with them especially now that we have a sexy lady with us! We talk about anything from sports, clowns, pop culture, music, movies, weird news, crazy life stories, stories of our comedy shows, etc. You never know what you're gonna get! So jump in and and enjoy the ride!

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Balls and Wendi double-team tonight’s episode, as their cohort makes his way to NYC. But who better to fill the Paco-shaped hole than Baltimore comedian Rose Vineshank?? Rose joins the gang for a recap of the latest comedy nights and to talk about her recent experience performing at Roadie Joe’s. Tune in for stories of accidental home invasions, geriatric alcoholics, and more Freudian slips than you can shake a stick at. Then stick around for Rose and her razor-sharp wit in one of the most memorable hot seats of all time!

We’re back with 98Rock’s Scott Reardon, and this time he’s in the hot seat with Paco, Balls and Wendi! Scott talks radio, business, running, family, his heroes, and which celebs leave him star-struck. Along the way he addresses his thoughts on his uncanny resemblance to Dennis Pitta, and gives his opinion on Olivia Wilde’s forehead. It’s another good time in this follow up to last week’s episode, so don’t miss it!

The gang humbly welcomes 98 Rock’s Scott Reardon to the studio to pregame for the hot seat! Meanwhile a mystery is afoot when Eric receives an alluring gift in the mail from an unknown sender, and Stefan vows to crack the case. Along the way, we discuss role-playing, kinky urban legends of the Renaissance Fair, violent bathroom encounters, discarded companions, and some recent sports news about dem ‘Os! Get ready for a treat, folks.

The gang is in rare form tonight after close calls with the fuzz, run-ins with rude audience members, and bizarre news articles. Wendi sings an old favorite while we discuss movies, pregnancy tips, and shifting the culture of comedy in today’s socio-political landscape. So kick back, take a swig of the ole’ Donkey Sauce, and get your ears tickled by what is sure to be a Paco’s Got Balls feat. Wendi classic!

Paco, Balls, and Intern Andy recover from their weekend of debauchery in Salisbury. Stefan fulfill’s Andy’s impression wishlist with a few classics, and Wendi joins in. The gang gets sour when our guest bails, until party-animal dynamo Tim Fullpower skypes in from Thunder Bay, Canada to charm our pants off.

The Midnight Idol is in the house tonight! Wayne Newton tears himself away from the silk sheets to chat with us about Arabian horses, the Golden Girls, his mob ties, and Chinese Finger cu..I And things heat up after dark, when Mr. Las Vegas gets drilled about his most secret sexual exploits! Spoilers: Things get dirty.

The fabulous Mark Riccadonna graces the studio this week for some yuks with the gang. Along for the ride is Bucks County, PA comedian Marc Kaye, and Big Timing’s in-house photographer Chris Lewis! The team talks business and comedy, masturbatory devices, and all manner of comedians - both lovely and loathsome. And Riccadonna chats about the time he kidnapped and tortured a pop star and met Julia Roberts’ brother Eric. . .

The team takes a shot out of the ol’ vodka machine gun, as Wendi and the Goonz discuss capitalism and happiness. And the Goonz are up to no good on the telephone machine again! Feast your ears on the beginning of true bromance between a truck driver and a tea vendor, and more shenanigans.

The boys recount their booze-soaked journey to Allagash Maine where they battle rapids, hangovers, and isolation from wi-fi…armed only with special baked goods and the power of friendship. Oh, and a machine gun filled with vodka. Meanwhile the Graveyard Goonz pop in for stories of Craigslist Missed Connection, encounters with moose, and contemplation about Paco’s run-ins with the long arm of the law.

Wendi holds down the fort while Paco and Balls are 'Surviving The Game' in the North Maine Woods on the Allagash River for 6 days, without cell phones or technology of any kind.

Stefan at the helm again on his own. He gets real with comedian Thezz Grimes who was a member of the Color Me Funny group along with previous guest Mike Turpin.

Balls is on family vacation to.....??? Wendi is running her comedy night at Emerald Tavern, which leaves Paco and Mike to themselves on this episode. YIKES! Paco goes on a rant about sports, travel, and life. Its a good one!

Producer of The 98 Rock Morning Show Justin, Scott and Spiegel, More foreskin talk, 98Rock morning show and our appearance Rob Schneider and his daughter Elle King and Stefan would like road head from her, Anderson and Wendi play musical chairs Water shoes to run on water, Blockbuster on Fridays, Corn come back - Corn Porn

We chat with Baby Boy Matt Brown again as he is about to pack up and move to The Big Apple! Eric is still salty crackers due to being sick with Hand Foot Mouth from his kids, we get adult serious about car purchasing and leasing, and of course foreskin makes its appearance again.

Paco and Balls are going to be on Baltimore's 98Rock 97.9FM; Stefan and Wendi are back; Andy gets grilled we hope to get a new intern;

Ryan Neser is our guest, Tommy's tonail fell off, Erik Woodworth's weed wacker/poop mishap, more sex doll chat, Neser ends up being the highlight of our After Dark Episode for Patreons! If you're not a Patreon become one today by clicking the link on www.bigtimingcomedy.podcast. Poop vs Saliva. Poop practical jokes. We find out Stefan's not good enough to headline at a local comedy venue. Bryce Chevaliar stuck around for the shenanigans

Stefan is in California pimpin a Masarati, Tommy Sinbazo sits in for him. Wendi is running a comedy show Erik Woodworth fills in for her. Bryce Chevalier gets schooled on foreskin restoration and the process Eric is going through. We have a phone call with Ron Low the owner and founder of We also called Stefan at Disneyland and got updates first hand on his time on the west coast. Hotseat with Bryce went swimgingly as well. New artwork added to the studio Krusty the Hobo from RAR Brewery by BJ Wheatley

We talk about DJing, family, Shia Labouf AGAIN, The Crash Reel, Vintage Millenial

Dude; Suicide; Bono; Load bearing faces. Support Kelly's Dream from her FB page!

The Democrat in the room; Stefan and the glove, more foreskin shenanigans and we still can't unsee that gape from episdoe 62. Tommy Sinbazo sits in and we get deep with Comedian Tom Myers.

THIS SHOW IS DEDICATED TO OUR GOOD FRIEND AND AMAZINGLY TALENTED DYLAN MEYER! YOU WILL BE MISSED! Paco put's Balls in the hot seat for The Foreskin Update 1 year after Bonus #8 The Big Reveal; Meaty Danglers; #ECStrong; Beforeskin; The Gape!

Hot Seat with Kirkster; More inside radio.

Live from Celtic Hope, home of Kelly's Dream! We had Kirk McEwen from Baltimore's 98 Rock on prime time 3-8 weekdays....oh and he loves feet! He brought his older brother along Mark McEwen known very well from CBS News as a 16 year veteran! He talks about his books he has written about surviving a stroke and we start to dig deep on this brother relationship! Oh and anal sex... again... Wendi! We ALSO had comedian Jackie Gold who has recently released an album Maximum Occupancy! She's VERY funny and looks like a cross between Hillary Swank and Jennifer Garner!

Stefan STINKS; Rape, The Rainbow Game! and again; HOT SEAT!

Sit down with blossoming Philly comic Buddy Harris to learn about his past days of ridding hogs, how we all miss the glory days of BlockBuster Video, Urban Dictionary and Balls missed opportunity to have the first definition for Donkey Sauce, but it has been submitted, stay tuned. The health benefits to dog piss, dont let those FBI scams when watching porn fool you, Practical jokes and finally Shia Labouf is back under Paco's skin.

BPT - Haywood missed episode 56 but it was worth the wait! Dude has an infectious laugh. Balls gets pissed, Paco and Wendi over run the show, Aliens are real, Conspiracy Theories, Comedy world causing relationship break downs and Haywoods got Balls' back.

We were supposed to have Haywood Turnipseed Jr for this episode but he got lost and had a great fill in Mike Quindlen! Mike was on 11 out of 10!

55 = SIZZLE; Favorite Rape joke? (Producer's note: Balls made me cut this down!) Comedy Warriors: Healing Through Humor Documentary

We get to have a sit down chat with Gabby Balassone for the second time, all because she kicked not only one Naked and Afraid challenge for 14 days, but she did the full 21 day challenge in the Mississippi Delta! We talk about how she did most of it alone because her parter tapped out on day 6. We talk about her diet, the weather, the mental challenge, the map, her bush, her partner's lack of a bush (and balls), the mosquitoes, spiders, gaters, big cats, and many many more fun and exciting things! #DiscoveryChannel #NakedAndAfraid

More Larping, Com-icons, picking pinapples in Hawaii, HotSeat, MM Sized Boobies, more foreskin talk.

Busting Paco's balls; Ball's foreskin agan; Goodbye Talkin' Hawkin'.

Kevin Spacey; BitCoin; The Penis; Check out "Restrepo" On Netflix; Find Chris' book on Amazon (use the link at Big Timing Comedy!)

Tasting Corona Premier; Did WHAT with a Fish stomach? A Joseph Sandy Update!

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We should have ordered the pizza! Mike ate Eric's mozerella sticks. Wendi talks about filling in for the afternoon on 98Rock w/ Kirk! We talk about our last two shows. Lots of McDonalds banter. Dont forget to become a PATRON on our PATRONAGE program!

Nectar Sunglasses Kelly's Dream, LOTS OF HOT SEAT with Pacos and Balls...and Wendi!

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Phoner with Travis Irvine; Foreskin Update; The Fighter; Beating the girlfriend. Mike on Facebook; Find American Mayor, now only on Amazon via the Big Timing Link!

Sex toy warm up; Female Masking; Movies again! Mike on Facebook @MiketurpinCMF on Twitter Closing music by The Red Wine Effect

Fallen Child stars; Who groped Wendi? Scary clown; Jon blew us off; Jeremy loves Dice; "Vietnam Tom"; North Korea; The Hedgehog; $700mil Powerball!

Darius? Mixing up my Perrys; Lynyrd Skynyrd at 11. Kelly's Dream Matt on Twitter @IGotJokescuh and Facebook: Matt Brown

My insane brothers; Cookies; The IRS scam guy (206-567-7700); Jew-manji; President "The Rock"?

Update from Mike Quindlen on shows; Peter Frampton changed Paco's life; What grinds Meredith's gears; Upcoming guests on "Backstage Pass"; Balls goes under the wax!

Welcome Wendi Townsend! Horrid birthing stories; Wendi wants to be pregnant; butt play; white b*tch with a Pit Bull; Jen's porn; Singing comedians!

Business for Eric; The Pubic Hair Dress; The Bulls; Roadhouse The Musical; The 'N' word?

Meredith's News; Grease on my face and The Chicken Box; What Meatloaf Won't do for love; Mic condoms; Two Mikes; Who egg'd the bus; Steven Tyler names the band?

(with Ricky from Light Street Studio) Gunner down; Scamming the day job; Having Sax aphone; Room runner 101; Not naming names.

Work at work moms; Cheese, or whipped cream; Frorks; Text the wrong person; David Gilmour; Voices; Uncle Frankie.

Discovery Channel's Naked And Afraid Fan Contestant as a Guest; Roaches in the PS4; 10lb Moscow Mule; Poor Jonathan; Bush for the Bush; Cuddle with a friend; From Russia with Love.

Medieval Times; Poop tub; Baby dick; Majestic hair; Stefan's socks!

Where's Stefan part 2 w/ Tommy Sinbazo, Zodiac signs and your sex; Cunty Spice;Zombie Dice; How I 'f' kids; Kat's feet; Witch hazel for Tommy's ass;Clowns at Horror Mania; International Women's Day...

Salesman Eric; Intern Tom; Covered; Salsa Dancing;Walt Disney; Painting Stefan; Pot; God's work; Whiskey and ass.

The smell of puke, two wing men, Porno for ME, BOB, Dave's stones, The Grammys - Can't Bring Sound (CBS)

The Wendi incident, "Panama" and Hair bands, Held up at knife point, Buy a prostitute, House Of Cards - a stretch, VR Porn - a Win, The Big Mac "Special Sauce"!

Escape Rooms, Captain Crunch, Heavy shit, Farts and blood pressure, "The Big Game".

More Clooney in the mouth; Catholic Light; Corbin - man of many words; Guns; Golden Showers; 1-900 numbers.

DIY Project; The Tic Tugger; All original equipment; The coverage index; More Like Jesus.

Disney, Friday the 13th, Drinking piss, Just Push Play

Highlands of Mexico; List of The Dead; Cruising; Smooth, leathery dicks; I know my way around a ram rod; Corn - enjoy it a second time!

Geek Gaming Talk, Mattress Superbowl Spot, Smoke THIS, Da butt beads, Dominick the Donkey, Bronze Ball Cuff links

Models Joy Jewell and Christina Jonker show off Jen Seidel's body paint art! Schmooze a cop; Big Mouth Stefan Plant; Joy, the lovely Prostitute; Beer out of a shoe.

Dove Tale, Missed The Ravens, Christmas Movies, masturbating, Trump Hitler, Dubbing porn

Religion and levels of Sin; Interview with the New First Lady-Elect; back to tentical porn; NashVegas; JFK Jr; X-Ray my candy; Deep into the InfoWars.

Fascist Pigs; Cubs/Indians; Tentacle Porn; Met my wife in West Virginia; Dildo on the play

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Bodies in the basement (or the woods), Corn, Clowns and Super Heroes, Baltimore's Birds, Sleepy's!