We're about 'funny business'. Our mission is to connect stand-up comedians and artists with those who want to promote and present the art of comedy. We deliver our services through the following channels: live events, video, audio, and social media. We provide this service for our clients and fans that experience first rate comedic entertainment. For our clients, we offer services that will connect vendors, comedians, and artists to best market their valued services and business. We increase exposure for the comedians/artists, while enhancing the business revenue for our clients, building everyone's fan base or customer base.

Big Timing Comedy is THE Baltimore comedy showcase production and promotion group, bringing local and national stand-up comedy to local venues, events, and benefits. We tailor the show to fit your needs with an ‘a la carte’ approach. We are the one stop shop to book a full stand-up comedy show, and you don’t have to know a thing about this complex comedy business! We will consult you on what works and doesn’t work to make your event the talk of the town!

We have a strong network of local talent ranging from new aspiring stand-up comedians to well seasoned local and nationally recognized stand-up comedians. Our talent base is out of the Baltimore comedy scene, however, we also have talent networks in other major cities like Washington D.C, NYC, Chicago, and L.A. In addition if you don’t have a venue, Big Timing Comedy offers a network of venues to house stand-up comedy shows to create a platform for your comedy event. Our goal is to merge live entertainment with small businesses and venues so that comedians and businesses can partner in order to generate business together while entertaining the masses.

Contact us at info@bigtimingcomedy.com to bring comedy to your venue.

Eric Jolicoeur (Co-Founder/CEO)

Although he enjoys long walks on the beach, and reading nineteenth century french poetry in the shade of a weeping willow tree on a cool afternoon. Je suis comme un bon vin, je m'améliore avec l'âge. Le fromage est vieux et moisi, où est la salle de bain? Eric enjoy's business, entrepreneurship, and comedic entertainment. He has studied business in his undergrad as well as received his masters in business from Loyola University Maryland. Although these are very serious matters, he enjoys a good laugh, comedy, and entertainment of all sorts and sizes. It just so happens that sense of humor that Eric and Stefan share was the catalyst that brought them together years ago. Eric is focused on business development for new venues, managing existing accounts, booking talent, producing shows, and managing the business finances and organization's growth strategies. Eric also writes and performs comedy. Produced over 200 episodes of the podcast Paco's Got Balls Featuring Wendi and is creator of the podcast The Unextraordinary Gentlemen. To book Eric or seek Big Timing Comedy's services, Eric can be reached at eric@bigtimingcomedy.com.

John Dayton (Assistant Producer/MC)

As the newest and youngest member of Big Timing Comedy. What drew Eric and Stefan to John is his larger than life personality, their similar taste in humor, his work ethic and passion for producing and performing stand up comedy. It was like molten lava as soon as they met and things escalated very quickly, in the best way possible. Stefan and Eric took young John under their wing and as an inside joke, he has become the little brother that they never had!

John Dayton who is an up and coming stand up comedian, local to the Salisbury Maryland area where much like himself the comedy scene is growing. John has a magical ability to hold people's attention which makes for a great young comedian. John combines his story telling abilities with observational and situational humor to ensure you'll either feel bad for him or idolize him by the end of his set. John has the skills to succeed as a host, feature or guest spot in comedy line ups down the east coast and currently runs the open mic in Salisbury Maryland at Roadie Joe's for Big Timing Comedy, LLC. This young comic should be on your list of comedians to keep an out for in your neck of the woods!

Stefan Subotich (Co-Founder/CFO)

A humble boy from humble beginnings. A Baltimore native, Stefan Subotich is a professional comic/actor and COO of Big Timing Comedy, LLC. As a comedian, he's toured all over the country and opened for names like Dan St. Germain (Comedy Central), Brian McDaniel (TMZ), Adam Dodd (HBO'S East Bound and Down), Steve Hofstetter (host of Fox's Laughs), Mark Riccadonna (SiriusXM, SNL), and Brooks Whelan (Saturday Night Live). Stefan has also graced the stage at some of the premiere comedy clubs in the country, including The Ice House Comedy Club in Los Angeles (home club of Tim Allen and Ellen DeGeneres), Broadway Comedy Club NYC, Baltimore Comedy Factory, and Magooby's Joke House. You've also seen him as a sleazy salesperson in the nationally syndicated Mattress Warehouse commercial! Stefan is a storyteller who loves interacting with his crowd-drawing inspiration from the everyday life of his audience, as well as his own.

Born in Parkville, MD, otherwise known as the Motherland of Milk and Honey. He studied at Calvert Hall High School, before moving on to the renowned West Virginia University. It was at West Virginia that his education truly blossomed. He met many Rednecks, alcoholics, and generally obese people that loved his trademark wit and charm. He was strongly encouraged there to pursue a career in comedy. His travels later brought him home to the Motherland, where he landed a job as a Bartender at a local watering hole, Souris Saloon. There, he met many yuppies, alcoholics, and generally thin people that loved his trademark wit and charm. He was again strongly encouraged to pursue a career in Comedy. It was at this juncture that he came across Eric Jolicoeur and expressed his strong desire to Eric that he desired a career in comedy and entertainment. The two formed the powerhouse comedy super label Big Timing Comedy, LLC and the rest my friends....is history. Stefan enjoys all things Baltimore sports and a nice strong beverage. So, please, drop him a line on the twitter @stefansubotich or come out and support his unique brand of highly offensive comedy.