Paco's Got Balls featuring Wendi

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Everyone continues to love the antics and comical chemistry of the founders of Big Timing Comedy (Eric - Balls and Stefan - Paco) and comedianne/Radio Personality from Baltimore's 98 Rock, Wendi Townsend.  Check out this fun loving road trip of a podcast with Paco, Balls, Wendi, Producer Mike, Intern Andy and any guest they can coax into the car ride with them especially now that we have a sexy lady with us! We talk about anything from sports, clowns, pop culture, music, movies, weird news, crazy life stories, stories of our comedy shows, etc. You never know what you're gonna get! So jump in and and enjoy the ride!

Wendi joins us, and gives a makeup tutorial; Stefan sneezes; the new Batmobile; Justin the COVID19 survivor.

The CoronaVirus Premier Studio, PornHub is BAD, Dr Montana and Foreskin.

Verbal crutch much, Comedy affected by #Covid19, John Dayton checks in...

Cold beer coffee; Paco's Pleasure Palace; Kid boners; expensive dog.

Bernie Sanders and the Democrats; Daddy's Girls; The Father-Daughter Dance; More with Wendi...

News, Sports and More; What's on Netflix; Paco's annoying siren; a shooting?

China, COVID19, Hormel, pickled pigs feet, LifeGuarding Days, Wendi chimes in on human centipede gummies

Soxsquash, "snow",Kansas City, Kiss Cam, Locked keys in car, Gettysburg, Sleeping Guests Above Studio

Lowell Melser come down with somethin', Mickey and Stefan judge "weather men", Wendi's facial, Niggle, Boobs, the questions, Tom Marr - NO mic presence, Mickey the formerly certified Boobologist

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