Paco's Got Balls #94 “Danger Will Robinson!” with Dr. Zachary Smith

Danger Will Robinson! It’s a very special episode of Paco’s Got Balls when the crew welcomes aboard Dr. Zachary Smith, one of the famous passengers of the 1997 Jupiter 2 mission to Alpha Centauri! After Paco and Balls talk Sports Corner and the recent Baltimore Ravens game, Dr. Smith gets personal about his childhood, his career, his gambling addiction, and explains what really happened on that fateful day he ended up aboard the Jupiter 2 with the Robinson family and that bubble headed booby of robot! Don’t miss this intergalactic episode full of twists, turns, surprises, and sentient vegetables!


Tags: Zachary Smith, Dr. Smith, Michael Panzarotto, Lost in Space, Robot, Will Robinson, Jupiter 2, Sports Corner, Baltimore Ravens, Terrell Suggs, Agnes Morehead, Maureen Robinson, Humphrey Bogart, John Robinson, Lamar Jackson


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