Paco's Got Balls #93 with John Dayton - "Wanna See My Balls?"

It's the last episode of 2018, and John Dayton is back in the studio tonight with more 'teetles' than you could ever 'totle'! After a quick recap of the year including an ode to Burt Reynolds, Paco, Balls and Mike chat about their ongoing issues with Facebook. Guest host Chris Lewis describes the moment that facebook stopped being cool, while the group discusses some Zucker-bureaucracy. Then John 'plays ball' in the hot seats, talks about his inspirations for comedy, adventures with fellow comedian Mila Simon, the origin story of his tattoos, and gets juicy about his love life.


Far and Away, Irish brogues, teetle totles, Burt Reynolds, Pornography, Stan Lee, Kate Spade, Facebook, Ospreys, Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls, VR Porn, Roman Candles, Mushrooms, John's Balls, Riley Reid, Pearl Necklace


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