An Anecdote with Stefan Subotich

The pilot episode features Stefan Subotich sharing the story of the day his first and only daughter was born. The anecdote is a humorous retelling of one of the most special moments of any person's life, but told from the perspective of a comedian who never shies away from earnestness. Although the birth, and the lead up to the birth, were less than smooth, everything turns out happily ever after. But it's Stefan's incisive commentary and rich ability for verbal storytelling that brings the story to life and offers plenty of laughs in the process.

Bowie on Branding

Stefan Subotich (in Black vest) as The Thin White Duke in the short Bowie on Branding about a visionary brand agency staffed entirely by different versions of David Bowie on-board a new hire.

Light Street Studios is being meta, making themselves an actual visionary ad agency that will do unique content like this short for their customers.

Mattress Warehouse

Mattress Warehouse "Using Science Not Pressure To Find Your Perfect Bed" from Big Picture Media on Vimeo.

The infamous Mattress Warehouse commercial that Stefan Subotich and Tommy Sinbazo were cast for and played all over the Mid Atlantic Region. This commercial is mentioned many times on the podcast Paco's Got Balls. Listen in to hear more about it on Episode #6.

Big Timing Comedy Channel

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